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Marolo Grappa di Barolo 10 Year Old Edizione Exclusiva
70 cl, 47 %

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Marolo Grappa di Barolo 10 Year Old Edizione Exclusiva
70 cl, 47%

A special edition grappa created by the fine folk at Marolo distillery, who have been making their distinctive style of terroir-centric spirit since 1977. This bottling was released to celebrate the distillery’s 40th anniversary.

This particular bottling was created as an homage to the area of Italy that is home to this distillery, the world-famous wine region of Piedmont, in the country’s north.

The bottling began as a white Barolo grappa, described as “full-bodied” and “masculine” by the distillery. It was then aged in Barolo Chinato (an aromatized wine much like vermouth) casks for 10 years, to ensure a sense of place, whilst also imparting complex and beguiling flavours.

The final result is an astonishing complex grappa, full of typical fight and earthy spice, with spirituous notes of red grape, black pepper, apples and green pomace-y notes. The cask provides deeper flavours of wood, toffee, vanilla, mixed herbs with wormwood, slight quinine, almond, chocolate and red wine.

The grappa is bottled at 47% ABV for an intense and full drinking experience.

The keen-eyed fans of Marolo amongst you might note the lack of Kingfisher (the hallmark of Marolo) on the label – this is because the distillery is harking back to their original logo, designed by Gianni Gallo, the oil lamp. The crown was added when the distillery released its first aged grappa, and here signifies Barolo wine, which Marolo calls “the king of wines and the wine of kings”.

A highly limited release, just 2,163 bottles were released. This is a fitting tribute not only to the distillery’s history, and the region of Piedmont, but also the joys of Barolo.

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