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Vintage Cognac

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Vintage Cognac

Whilst the other Cognac classifications, VS, VSOP, and XO, do limit minimum age to 2, 4, and 10 years respectively, Vintage Cognac is limited to just one year, which is what makes it so unique and sought after. Vintage Cognac offers a glimpse of a distillery and grape crop from a certain year, and grant something very different to the traditional blended offerings. These can often be single barrel or single estate Cognacs too- further the unique element. As they are so closely tied to a certain year, they are ideal gifts for anniversaries, birthdays or just general celebrations. It also means that the provenance of the Cognac is more easily known, and the Cognac can be definitively aged, meaning that there are some Vintage Cognacs on the market distilled centuries ago. A truly rare and fascinating taste of the world’s finest spirit.

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