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Clément Rhum Blanc (1 Liter)
100 cl, 40 %

20.80 €

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Clément Rhum Blanc (1 Liter)
100 cl, 40%

When making their fantastic range of Rhum Agricoles, Habitation Clément uses only the finest selection of cane from their fertile fields on Martinique. The distillery cuts the cane as low to the soil as they possibly can, ensuring than the crop retains the maximum amount of sucrose. They also only use cane that is harvested within view of the distillery, to guarantee that their rum retains the essential freshness and Martinique feel of Argicole. This is true even of their entry-level white rums, surely one of the best on the market, and at a great addition to all manner of cocktails- adding complexity where it is often found lacking.

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