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Jean-Luc Pasquet La Belle Inconnue (37.5 cl)
37.5 cl, 11 %

12.00 €

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Jean-Luc Pasquet La Belle Inconnue (37.5 cl)
37.5 cl, 11%

A smaller bottling of this delightful little creation from Jean-Luc Pasquet.

Produced from a 20 year old recipe, Jean Pasquet, the son and successor of Jean-Luc, reintroduced the product to celebrate his relationship with his wife, Amy, an American he first met in Argentina at a wine tasting. They fell in love instantly, and the bottling’s title “La Inconnue” – “the beautiful unknown”, is a fitting tribute to their story.

This bottling combines freshly squeezed, and totally organic, grape juice with one year old Cognac eau-de-vie and CO2. La Belle Inconnue delivers intense flavours of grapey sweetness, apple juice, a little citrus acidity, quince, and some sweet, bright, spiritous Cognac. It has a lively effervescence, and pours a pale straw colour.

This little bottle is perfect for taking along to picnics, or for a quick glass at the beach.

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