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Highland Park Valkyrie
70 cl, 45.9 %

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Highland Park Valkyrie
70 cl, 45.9%

An irresistibly good Highland Park release. Valkyrie, whilst a part of Highland Park’s wider Viking-themed rebrand, forms the first instalment of a new Viking Legend series from the northerly distillery. This series will be created in partnership between the distillery and Jim Lyngvild, a Danish designer descended from Vikings.

In Norse mythology a Valkyrie is a female figure who glide over the fields of battle, picking out those who are destined to die in battle. The dead are then welcomed to Valhalla, the afterlife hall of the slain, where they are plied with mead, the finest in the universe.

This might not be as good as Valhalla’s mead, but it is certainly an excellent dram! Unlike the normal Highland Park releases, this whisky is made with around 50% entirely peated stock. Usually, Highland Park mashes with a ratio of one part peated malt to four parts unpeated, so this whisky marks a considerable rise in smokiness.

This results in a richer, more complex Highland Park whisky, with classic Highland Park notes of citrus, sea spray, dried fruit and spice accompanied by the distinctive Orkney heather peat. Despite the extra kick in peatiness, the dram maintains perfect balance throughout, and is a joy to experience.

This whisky benefits considerably from being bottled at 45.9% ABV, allowing the flavours to really take hold. This whisky is also bottled free from additional colouration.

A fantastic whisky, bottled in a bold design with black glass, this is one that Highland Park fans will be desperate to try.

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