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Camus VSOP Intensely Aromatic Cognac
70 cl, 40 %

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Camus VSOP Intensely Aromatic Cognac
70 cl, 40%

First launched in April 2019, Camus VSOP is part of the Maison’s “Instensity” range. This series is said to be made with a distillation process which increases the intensity of the Cognac’s aroma.

Indeed, the terpenes and esters (chemical compounds that can create aroma) are notably higher in this range. To create this effect, Camus have included some of the wines lees (or yeast and must sediment) during distillation. Lees contain rich fatty acid esters, which can produce a more fragrant spirit. A similar process is used in the production of heavier, fruity and estery Jamaican rums.

Furthermore, the distillers creating this Cognac use repeatedly distil the heads of spirit until it is pure, and the aromatic qualities of the low wines have been heavily concentrated. Underpinning the fragrance of this spirit are, of course, the grapes. Camus use a significant proportion of grapes from the Borderies appellation of Cognac, which is known for producing grapes with a distinct violet aroma.

The spirit has been aged for a minimum of four years in lightly toasted, fine grained French oak. These barrels were specially picked, as they will not overwhelm the delicate fruity aromas of the Cognac with oak notes.

The final result is a Cognac that offers up intense floral flavours, with powerful notes of roses, honeysuckle, jasmine, grape blossom and violet, alongside some estery banana, almonds, sweet apples, golden raisins, figs, tea, slight oak, vanilla, white grape, and maple syrup.

A remarkably elegant and delicate Cognac; the “Intensity” range marks the perfection of the Camus house style.

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