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Bombay Sapphire Gin Miniature (45%)
5 cl, 47 %

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Bombay Sapphire Gin Miniature (45%)
5 cl, 47%

First launched in 1987, this gin has been extremely popular ever since, and is a mainstay of bars and pubs across the world.

Bombay Sapphire’s distinctive blue bottle and image of Queen Victoria are designed to recall the glories of the British Raj in India and pay homage to the popularity of Gin during the era (particularly Pink Gin cocktails!).

This is a complex gin, with ten botanicals: almond, lemon peel, liquorice, juniper berries, orris root, angelica, coriander, cassia, cubeb, and grains of paradise (also known as Guinea pepper).

The distillery is known for its “Vapour Infusion” technique, of holding the botanicals in a separate container to the spirit, and passing the steam through them (similar to how some espresso machines work) for a nuanced and delicate flavour.

The end result is a complex, bittersweet and gently spiced gin, with some zinging citrus notes and a nice, piny juniper quality.

A classic for a reason, this gin matches distinctive looks with history and careful production.

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