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Ben Nevis 25 Year Old 1984 (Bottled 2010) Double Matured
70 cl, 54 %

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Ben Nevis 25 Year Old 1984 (Bottled 2010) Double Matured
70 cl, 54%

From the release notes: “This cask, a fresh Sherry Puncheon, was bottled in early December 2010, literally, just days before it became 26 years old.The whisky was first filled into fresh bourbon barrels on 20th December, 1984, when the distillery has been owned by Long John International Limited. Long John International Limited acquired Ben Nevis Distillery in 1981 and carried out some trial production runs during 1982, one early in the year and a second one in December. So pleased were the company with the new spirit produced during these trials that it was decided to return the distillery to full-time production as early as possible. However, as the distillery has lain dormant since 1978, it was necessary to replace some of the equipment and repair other items of the plant which took the whole of 1983 and the early part of 1984 with production resuming in April 1984. Throughout, 1983 the existing workforce were gainfully employed re-warehousing all the existing casks maturing in the warehouse and also taking in whisky from another distillery belonging to the company. The Ben Nevis malt was allowed to mature within these first filled bourbon casks in Duty Free Warehouse No. 3 at the distillery until mid-October 1998.
In the intervening years ownership of the distillery along with some stock which included these particular casks, namely numbers 3008 – 3046 of 1984, was transferred to The Nikka Whisky Distilling Company Limited of Japan in April 1989. After 13 years of being allowed to mature in these fresh, first fill, bourbon casks it was felt that the whisky would benefit from further maturation in fresh sherry casks. On 14th October, 1989, these barrels were vatted and transferred to continue their maturation in fresh sherry puncheons, but in these casks it was necessary to transfer them into Duty Free Warehouse No 2 at the distillery to spend the next almost 13 years of their maturation until bottling early in 2010. So good was this whisky that it was felt, it would benefit from being presented in a rather more exclusive package than just another bottle, so it lay in our warehouse until such time as we were able to source this gift presentation which we feel is more in keeping with the superior quality of such an exclusive whisky.”

Please note the scratches on the box.

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