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Chugoku-Jozo Sake Sakuramisen Junmai Ginjo
72 cl, 15.4 %

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Chugoku-Jozo Sake Sakuramisen Junmai Ginjo
72 cl, 15.4%

A delectable Ginjo Sake from the Chugoku-Jozo company. The brewery is found in Hatsukaichi City, in the Hiroshima Prefecture, and have been making sake since 1963.

Ginjo is the title given to premium sake, akin to single malt in the whisky world. Only 9% of all sake is made in this style.

Chugoku-Jozo are meticulous in their approach to making Sake, using only water and rice from the Hiroshima Prefecture. This sake is made with the esteemed Hattan Nishiki rice strain, alongside a little malted rice. The Kojimai rice (which is added directly to the main mash) is polished to 50% of its original weight, whilst the Kakemai rice (which is steamed and then added – so it does not absorb as much moisture) is polished to 55%.

The result is a refreshing and crisp sake with notes of bright fresh rice and some fruity sweetness. It can be drunk during or after a meal.

Beautifully presented with a classical Japanese sense of style.

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