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Chugoku-Jozo Sake Misen Ginjyo
72 cl, 15.4 %

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Chugoku-Jozo Sake Misen Ginjyo
72 cl, 15.4%

A flavoursome dry Ginjyo sake from Chugoku Jozo. This company have been making sake in Hatsukaichi City, in the Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan, since 1963.

Chugoku Jozo’s Misen range is named after the tallest mountain on Miyajima Island.

The company are meticulous in their production, using only rice and water Hiroshima Prefecture. Chugoku Jozo use top quality brewer’s rice (the famous Hattan Nishiki variety, alongside Koji, a malted rice), which has been polished down to about a third of its original size. This is fermented swiftly with specially selected yeasts.

The end result is a dry and crisp sake, offering a little fruity sweetness and maltiness from the rice. The bottling is perfect for pairing with seafood, and can be served either hot or cold.

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