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Amaro Lucano
70 cl, 28 %

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Amaro Lucano
70 cl, 28%

Another superb Italian Amaro, which is made to an old family formula, with this bottling first created by a pastry chef called Pasquale Vena.

Amaro Lucano is produced in a seven-step process: The Selection, The Infusion, The Processing, The Secret, The Control, The Mixture, and The Bottling.

The Selection involves the choosing and collecting of the herbs used in this Amaro. These herbs are sourced from around the world. These herbs are artemisia absinthium and artemisia pontica (both wormwoods), salvia sclarea (clavy sage), musk yarrow, cnicus (holy thistle), bitter orange, gentian, angelica, sambucus elderberry, ruta, aloe and cinnamon essential oil. These are dried, crushed and mixed.

The Infusion marks the point at which the herb mixture is steeped in a solution of pure alcohol and water, and brewed overnight, hot in baths of between 55 and 60 degrees Celsius. This mixture then undergoes hot pressing to infuse it, in a process known as The Processing.

Once these steps have been completed the family’s Secret ingredient is added, producing what is known as “the extract”. Then Lab tests are run, whilst the extract is aged for five months. During this time, the heavier elements settle, whilst the lighter components come to the surface: only the heart, or the middle of the extract is used.

This extract is then mixed with pure alcohol, water, sugar, essential oils and caramel in “The Mixture” stage of the process.

Finally, the final result is filtered and bottled for market. The Amaro is spicy and herbaceous, with a nice balance of sweet and bitter, a touch of berry fruit and some subtle wormwood flavours.

Delightful served chilled over ice as a disgestif.

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