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Skully Smooth Wasabi Gin
70 cl, 41.8 %

36.80 €

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Skully Smooth Wasabi Gin
70 cl, 41.8%

Another interesting gin that uses spicy Wasabi to provide flavour.

A small batch production, this is produced in the southern Netherlands, with a 100% grain spirit base. Skully use their classic London Dry style gin, a citrus rich and herbaceous spirit, as the starting point for this bottling.

They then redistill the spirit with mint, orange, ginger and, of course, wasabi root, to create a uniquely flavoured spirit.

Here the ginger and wasabi are balanced out by the refreshing flavours of lime and mint, creating a warming and complex profile on the palate. This gin works fantastically in cocktails, but also pairs well with tonic water and ginger ale.

The bold flavour of this gin is matched by its impressive visual effect, with the skull and colour of the spirit rather striking.

A great pairing for spicy food, particularly Japanese curries!

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