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Peychaud's Bitters
14.8 cl, 35 %

12.00 €

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Peychaud's Bitters
14.8 cl, 35%

Peychaud’s Bitters are one of the most famous, and most used, cocktail bitters in the world.

Their story starts with Antoine Amedee Peychaud, who arrived in New Orleans in 1795, after fleeing from a slave revolt in the island of San Domingo (now Haiti) where his family owned a coffee plantation.

Antoine became an apothecary, purchasing his own shop in 1834, where he created his ‘American Aromatic Bitter Cordial’. Like many alcoholic beverages, it was initially created as a health tonic.

The bitters were an instant success, with many bars choosing to create cocktails with them, one of which being the Sazerac Coffee House. A bartender working here in 1858, Leon Lamothe, created a cocktail which paired the bitters with Cognac from the Sazerac-du-Forge et Fils brand and sugar – the birth of the now famous Sazerac cocktail.

Peychaud bitters have a powerful anise and cherry flavour, with notes of gentian, mint, spice, liquorice and orange zest.

Bottled at 35% ABV, these bitters can really lift a drink. Impossible to enjoy a Sazerac without their distinctive “Creole” flavour.

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