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Patrón Silver Tequila
70 cl, 40 %

47.20 €

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Patrón Silver Tequila
70 cl, 40%

The blanco Tequila from one of the world’s best Tequila producers, this is a premium offering with a small-batch production system. Over recent years, Patron has become one of the most prominent spirits brands on the planet and holds a special place in popular culture. This is due to the superb quality of their fantastic spirits, with this Silver offering no exception. Patron using only the “maguey” of blue weber agave, grown in the red, clay-rich soil of Jalisco, to make their spirit. The agave has to reach maturity, at around 7 years old, before Patron will use it. This ensures that the drinker enjoys the full flavour of the delicious agave plant. After harvesting the plants, Patron bake their agave hearts in small, traditional brick ovens for a period of up to three days, ensuring a better flavour through even cooking. These cooked agave hearts are then shredded by a two-ton volcanic millstone and a roller mill. Once shredded, the mixture is allowed to ferment of three days, producing a sort of agave beer. This beer is then distilled in handmade copper stills in small batches. The final spirit is an excellent example of how good white tequila can be, with a wonderful pure, peppery and earthy, succuelent agave flavour, offering the drinker the precise qualities of the plant. Patron run a meticulous operation, with every detail accounted for. This even extends to the bottling process, with the distillery using handcrafted bottles and corks. Each bottle is hand numbered and signed to assure of its quality. Truly a tremendous silver Tequila, this should have a home in every collection.

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