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Pacto Navio
70 cl, 40 %

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Pacto Navio
70 cl, 40%

A superb Cuban rum, produced by Pernod. This rum takes its name from the 1815 treaty that brought an end to hostilities between Spain and France, the nations (indirectly) responsible for the creation of this rum. The story of this spirit begins over 2 centuries ago, when merchants and naval vessels would come to Cuba with French oak casks full of Sauternes sweet wine (which could tolerate the tropical warmth of the Caribbean). At the time Cubans were producing aguardientes, a sort of rum forerunner, that was beginning to be exported back to Europe. Once the Sauternes barrels were empty the sugar-spirit was placed into them for the long journey back to Europe, and by the time it arrived it had developed an added depth of flavour and complexity. Sadly, the trade was halted by the Napoleonic wars, and could only recur after the 1815 treaty, when the Pacto Navio, or “Pact Ships” were allowed to sail again.

The rum itself is produced at the San José distillery from a blend of ten different rums made with sugarcane molasses. This rum is finished in French Oak Sauternes casks, which give the spirit an added sweetness and aromatic nature. The white-grape notes of the Sauternes pair perfectly with the sugar-rich flavours of the rum. A very versatile spirit, perfect for use in cocktails, drinking neat or over ice. A fine rum with an excellent history behind it.

Pacto Navio reviews

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Fabulous, try it to believe it

Love this rug, even though I’m
Not much of a lover of spirits, this has to be the best rum ever, impossible to get a hold on in England.

Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Best rhum I have ever tasted.Full bodied slightly sweet .Excellent.

Sunday 7th of May 2017

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