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Ocho Blanco Tequila
50 cl, 40 %

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Ocho Blanco Tequila
50 cl, 40%

A fantastic, high quality Tequila that has exploded in popularity in recent years. This superb 100% agave Tequila is created by the Camarena family in a partnership with Tomas Estes. The Camarena family are the same folk behind the highly rated Tapatio and El Tesoro de Don Felipe brands, whilst Tomas Estes is responsible for introducing Londoners to many excellent Tequila brands at his fantastic Mexican restaurants Cafe Pacifico and La Perla in Covent Garden. The brand claims to be one of the few Tequilas still produced the “old fashioned way”. Each year’s bottling comes from a different single field in the Jalisco region, enhancing the terroir of the spirit by emphasizing the effects of local soil. The agave used in this spirit is allowed to reach full maturity, between 7 and 10 years old, before it is harvested, ensuring the very best agave flavour in the Tequila. This spirit is distilled twice, first in a stainless-steel pot still of 3,500 litre capacity, and then a considerably smaller copper pot still of 300 litre capacity. The process is done at a low temperature that makes for a more flavoursome spirit. The smaller still allows for more copper contact with the spirit, ensuring an intense and pure spirit. The final spirit is bottled without chill filtration, ensuring all the flavour gets into the bottle. Ocho Blanco has a fantastic, succulent and peppery agave note through, making it a perfect fit for cocktails. A finely crafted and delicious Tequila, with a striking, modern design.

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