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Lot No. 40 Rye
70 cl, 43 %

39.20 €

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Lot No. 40 Rye
70 cl, 43%

Whilst Canadian whisky does not enjoy the best reputation around the world, the harsh winters and fertile land of Canada is perfect for the cultivation of rye. Canadian rye produces a lower yield, but it has a more intense flavour, meaning it is ideal for the distillation of whisky. This rye was rereleased in 2012, with the brand having originally died off in the late 1990s. Lot No. 40 is a premium rye whisky, distilled from a single copper potstill, with over 90% of the grain in the mashbill, and bottled at the slightly higher strength of 43% ABV. This bottling reflects a growing trend towards more high quality rye whiskies, which is slowly but surely showing the world how good Canadian whiskies can be. Lot No. 40 is right at the forefront of this new wave of rye, with delectable spicy notes and hints of black pepper and dill that make it perfect to drink neat, or in cocktails. A fantastic example of a top-quality world whisky, and a must-try for all rye fans.

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