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Green Tree Absinth Fairy
70 cl, 70 %

27.20 €

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Green Tree Absinth Fairy
70 cl, 70%

Whilst absinthe production was banned in many countries, the spirit found a new home, and a new style, in Bohemia – or the Czech Republic. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to visit Prague without encountering an absinth shop peddling its green wares.

This is fine example of Czech absinth, which is made in a different fashion, but shares its wormwood content and colour with the classic French and Swiss iteration.

Green Tree is milder and sweeter than traditional absinthe, and cannot be louched with water in the same manner. As such there is a different drinking tradition in the Czech Republic, known as the “fire ritual”.

In this ritual a slotted spoon is placed over a glass of absinth, with an absinth soaked sugar cube on top, which is then set ablaze. The fire is then doused with a small amount of water, producing a flavoursome, sweet and strong drink –

however, we do not recommend mixing fire and alcohol!

Many drinkers also enjoy “The Green Fairy” served neat.

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