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Elements 8 Platinum
70 cl, 40 %

21.60 €

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Elements 8 Platinum
70 cl, 40%

Another addition to this very popular rum brand, produced by the always excellent St. Lucia Distillery. The brand’s name refers to the 8 elements that are all important for the successful production of rum: terroir, cane, water, fermentation, distillation, tropical aging, blending, and filtration. The rum is made using molasses created from hand-picked sugar cane from Guyana, and is distilled in small batches, to ensure that quality is carefully monitored throughout. The fermentation occurs at a low temperature for more intensive flavour. The rum is produced in a mixture of pot, column and “bourbon pot” stills, creating an excellent balance between heavy and light styles. In total, 10 different rums are used. The rum is aged for 4 years in former Buffalo Trace barrels, before filtration produces a clear spirit. It is diluted down to 40% using naturally filtered water from the rainforest. A cracking white rum that adds a touch of class to cocktails and mixed drinks.

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