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Domaine Boingnères 1985 Cépages Nobles Armagnac
70 cl, 49 %

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Domaine Boingnères 1985 Cépages Nobles Armagnac
70 cl, 49%

This bottling bears the phrase “Cépages Nobles” meaning “noble grapes”, a reference to the high quality Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes used to produce this marvelous bottling. It is another in a line of excellent single vintage releases from the small-scale producer Domaine Boingnères. This is a distillery with an unerring commitment to quality, using the majority of their small 50 acre vineyards to grow the challenging, yet delicious, Folle Blanche grape. The same family has farmed this land since 1807, and is now in its 6th generation. Furthermore, the distillery refuses to use any caramel colouring or chill-filtration, and often bottles at cask strength. They continue to use traditional continuous alembics, which run non-stop during the 20 day distilling season. The Domaine often distills as low as 52%, meaning that no dilution is required before casking or bottling, and maximum flavour is ensured. Maturation occurs in a small barn on the estate in French oak casks, some (like this bottling) resting for many decades. The resulting Armagnac is of the highest quality, with a breathtaking balance between delicious, oily, spicy fruit, and robust, decadent oak. A fantastic bottle from one of the best in the industry.

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