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Domaine Boingnères 1975 Cépages Nobles Armagnac
70 cl, 48 %

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Domaine Boingnères 1975 Cépages Nobles Armagnac
70 cl, 48%

A magnificent old vintage Armagnac from Domaine Boingères. This is a tiny domaine, with just over 50 acres of vineyards, but also one of the most well respected in the region. Their small farmland has been cultivated by the same family for 6 generations, dating back to 1807. Domaine Boingères makes a point of devoting over half their land to the production of the notoriously difficult to grow Folle Blanche grape. The grape is rewarding however, in that it provides a delicious, oily and spicy fruit perfect for the production of Armagnac. The Domaine uses traditional Armagnac continuous stills that you would forgiven for thinking were pot stills, due to their squat and wide appearance. With these they regularly distil as low as 52%, which means no dilution is required before both casking and bottling, ensuring an excellent strength of flavour. Domaine Boingnères adds no caramel colouring to their spirit, nor do they chill filter.

After filling the cask (which happens at a rate of just 40 barrels a year), they are left to mature in a barn on the estate. During this time, the casks are topped with spirit from the first and last filled barrels to ensure constituency. Cépages Nobles translates as “noble grapes”, referring the considerable quantity of Folle Blanche used to make this Armagnac. Domaine Boingnères’s commitment to quality shines through on this bottling, a rich, flavoursome offering which maintains an excellent balance between grape and cask. An benchmark of quality in the Armagnac world.

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