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Death's Door Gin
70 cl, 47 %

38.40 €

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Death's Door Gin
70 cl, 47%

Another example of an excellent terroir-based gin coming out of America. This gin is made with botanicals found on Washington Island, which is located just off Wisconsin’s Great Lake Coast. Death’s Door takes its name from the narrow strait that joins Green Bay to Lake Michigan. When the area was first being explored by French pioneers, this dangerous stretch of water claimed many vessels and lives, leading to it being named Porte des Morts, which roughly translates as “Death”s Door”.

The gin itself is built on a base of local barley and wheat distillation, and designed to have a London Dry style. This is a juniper forward gin, with lovely citrus notes, and tasty spice from the coriander seeds. Death’s Door was created to be a utility gin, perfect on the rocks, in a Gin and Tonic or in any number of gin cocktails. A deeply enjoyable spirit.

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