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El Dorado

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El Dorado History

El Dorado, a golden spirit with a golden reputation! Made on the South American mainland, in Guyana, El Dorado is widely ranked as one of the very best Demerara rums on the market. El Dorado’s rich, sweet and heavy flavours have made the rum a multi-award winner, and a hit with drinkers.

Whilst the brand was only established in 1992, distilling in Guyana has a long history, with rum production occurring at the sugar fields of Demerara County since the 1600s. This was a little later than the rest of the Caribbean, yet this delay meant that Guyanese sugar producers had instant access to more advanced distilling techniques and equipment than their island-dwelling fellows. By 1700, there were other 300 distilling operations in the country- a truly staggering figure. In 1670, a group of these early distillers formed a co-operative, to create and export rum, particularly aimed at sailors and the navy. This co-operative effort would later grow to become Demerara Distillers Ltd, and the 300 estates would dwindle to just one, owned by DDL: Diamond, where El Dorado is made.

Another element that contributes to El Dorado’s unique flavour is the location of the Diamond distillery. Nestled close to the flowing Demerara river, and not far from the equator, the heat and humidity are said to affect the aging process of the spirit, supposedly speeding up the rate of maturation when in the cask. The company claim that this means their rum has the complexity of a spirit twice as old. The overwhelming majority of their rum is matured in former bourbon casks, though fresh oak and sherry casks have occasionally been used. Recently a new range of speciality cask-finished rums have been realised.

El Dorado’s excellent rums have been recognised with a string of award successes. Their 15 year old particularly attracts plaudits, having won the Wray and Nephew Trophy for Best Rum in the World in the International Wine and Spirits Challenge for 4 years straight, an unmatched achievement. Demerara rums are a key ingredient in a number of classic tiki cocktails, especially good as a float in Mai Tai’s, and El Dorado is unsurpassable for adding a hint of rich, intense luxury to a drink.

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