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Ultimatum Uitvlugt 17 Year Old 1999 Cask Strength (Cask #71)
70 cl, 58.3 %

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Ultimatum Uitvlugt 17 Year Old 1999 Cask Strength (Cask #71)
70 cl, 58.3 %

Once again, Dutch independent bottlers provide the chance to try a hard to find and high quality rums in a craft presentation.

This time round it is a real rarity, a rum from Uitvlugt distillery, which has sadly been closed and demolished, its equipment moved to the Guyanese colossus of distilling, Diamond Distillery. Established first as a Sugar Cane Plantation sometime between 1759 and 1776, the distillery was probably built around 1798.

Uitvlugt distillery was found on the banks of the Demerara river, and close to the coast. Like Ultimatum, Uitvlugt was Dutch owned, and roughly translates as “Flow Out”, likely a reference to the nearby estury. The distillery used two French Savalle stills, a type of column still which had two columns each, and was capable of producing a variety of different styles, from medium body to very heavy rums. Uitvlugt was one of only four distilleries running in the country in 1970. By 1999 it had been closed forever.

Therefore, this rum is drawn from some of the very last spirit to be distilled at Uitvlugt, having been produced in October 1999. The rum was bottled on the 28th of July 2017, making it a little under 18 years old.

During these 17 years of maturation, the rum was aged in a single former Bourbon barrel. 17 years is a mighty long maturation in the tropical heat of Guyana, and therefore, drinkers should expect lots of funk, flavour and intensity from this rum. Indeed, the rum is rich in thick Demerara flavours of treacle, dried fruit, Christmas cake and overripe tropical fruits.

Rum fans will rejoice when seeing the label of this rum, as it provides them with a wealth of information about the spirit within. Firstly, it states that this rum was made in the “English Style”, a variety of rum known for its heavier, darker flavours and thicker mouthfeel, particular to the former British colonies of the Caribbean.

Secondly, it states that the rum has not undergone any chill filtration, or artificial colouration, nor has any additional sugar been added. This last point is particularly rare for Demerara, Guyanese rums, and will appeal to rum fans the world over.

Last but not least, this rum has been bottled at cask strength of 58.3% ABV, which really allows the thick, luscious mouthfeel of this spirit to take hold.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to try one of batches of spirit from a closed distillery, bottled at an incredible cask strength and presented in a craft style. Just 241 bottles of this rum were produced, so drinkers should move quickly if they want to taste this piece of liquid history.

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