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Pusser's British Navy Rum Overproof
70 cl, 75 %

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Pusser's British Navy Rum Overproof
70 cl, 75%

An overproof version of Pusser’s super popular British Navy rum. This bottling picked up its smart green label during Pusser’s 2014 revamp. The Overproof was originally launched for the German market, which apparently has a taste for powerful rums.

This is a classic blend that was originally created for the Royal Navy. The bottling contains a large proportion of Guyanaese rum from the legendary wooden double pot Port Morant still, and a little Trinidad rum from Angostura.

This rum offers flavours of rich, exotic fruits (pineapple and banana particularly), alongside some plums, raisins, sultanas, some funk, deep pot still character, mixed spice, oak, burnt brown sugar, and dark chocolate.

This is some serious stuff, bottled at 75% ABV and should be diluted with a little water. No sugar has been added after distillation.

Would be an excellent option for a flaming float in Tiki drinks such as the Zombie (not that we recommend mixing alcohol and fire…)

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